Get in shape at the FitSlimStrong Personal Trainer Studio in sunny East Belfast!

Watch below to find out how I can help you get fitter, slimmer and stronger, without you having to turn your busy life upside down!


Working with Chris I have lost 31 lbs of fat, 4.5 inches off my hips and 4 inches off my waist.

But perhaps the thing I'm most grateful to him for is that he has taught me how to eat sensibly in a way that fits in with the diet of my 2 kids, without miserable counting and tracking of everything I eat.

He has really helped me change my body shape and attitude to food and exercise.

Julie Anne



I worked with Chris in the lead up to my wedding. I wasn't fit or disciplined in my eating habits, but with his help and motivation I made great progress - I lost almost 2 stone of body fat, 9 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my upper thighs.

The sessions were enjoyable and really beneficial, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others!


The Problem

You are unhappy with your body shape, weight, fitness level or maybe all 3.

You have no desire to give up occasional booze and junk food, or to turn yourself into Mrs/Mr I Love Fitness.

You don't really like the gym. You lack the time and motivation to get in shape and eat better, but you know you have to do something...

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The Solution

At my training studio on the Belmont Road in East Belfast you and I will work 1-on-1 to achieve the body shape and fitness level you want, and to get your diet on track to help you lose weight and keep it off. 

Training sessions take 30 minutes - ideal for busy people.

Nutritional advice is based on normal food, teaching you how to eat 'normally' but get slim, lose weight and stay that way.

It's a private studio, so it's just you and me. No other preening gym bunnies or meat-heads staring at you - just you learning what to do to train right and eat right to finally be happy with how you look and feel!

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Sounds like what you need?

If you are sitting there unhappy with your weight, fitness level and body shape, and working with me sounds like what you need to get started - how about a no-strings-attached free trial session?

This gives you a chance to see what a session with me in the FitSlimStrong studio involves, and we can talk through how to structure your diet and what we can achieve together. Then if you decide to book some sessions we can take it from there! 

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