Personal Trainer Studio in Belfast for busy women!

Watch the short video below about my approach to getting you in shape at my personal trainer studio in sunny East Belfast without you having to turn life upside down! Then simply sign up for your FREE trial session at the bottom of the page.

The Problem

You are a busy woman living in Belfast, unhappy with your body shape, weight, fitness level or maybe all 3.

With a career and/or family to juggle, you lack the time, energy and motivation to get in shape and eat better by yourself, but you know you have to do something…

The Solution

Work with me, Chris Davidson, at my personal trainer studio on the Belmont Road in East Belfast (or for me to come and train you in your home click here) to:

  • Lose weight from all your ‘problem areas’ & learn how to keep it off while still eating ‘normally’;
  • Gain strength, fitness, stamina & improve your body shape
  • Look & feel healthier through the simple lifestyle changes you’ll put in place
  • Understand how to still include some junk & booze and still make great progress!

It’s a private studio, so there’ll be nobody else staring at you – just you training while learning what to do longer term to finally be happy with how you look and feel.

Sessions combine targeted strength, core and cardio training and last 30 minutes – ideal for keeping motivation high and boredom levels low, allowing you to fit in your workouts around your no-doubt hectic life!

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Why specialise in getting busy women in shape?

Having trained men & women of all ages, shapes and sizes throughout my 10 years as a personal trainer in Belfast, I was also gaining first-hand experience of the difficulties my wife was having with getting in shape and losing weight as we expanded our family (3 kids – we’re not having any more!!).

I could see that there were lots of busy women like her, with a career and family life to juggle, and very little time or energy to devote to training or following complicated diets, as they have so much else going on in their hectic lives.

So I decided to focus on helping this group get fit, slim and strong and get back some body confidence. As such, my training and nutritional approach is ideally suited to women seeking a longer term, sustainable lifestyle change to get back in shape and stay that way, rather than a short term gung-ho 6-week extreme program.

My private training studio on the Belmont Road is also the ideal location for women to get fitter, slimmer and stronger away from the often daunting, unwelcoming commercial gym atmosphere, while gaining the confidence, knowledge and motivation to eventually keep themselves in shape.


If you decide to sign up for additional sessions in the studio after your free trial session, prices are then:

  • £130 for 5 sessions, or
  • £250 for 10 sessions.

Sessions in the studio last 30 minutes, which may seem shorter than required, but believe me we can fit in a lot of work in 30 minutes, and you haven’t had to give up your whole morning/evening to fit the session in!

I also offer 2-on-1 sessions for you and a friend/partner, prices only slightly higher than 1-on-1 sessions.

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You want Testimonials from happy women? I got ’em…

I have lost 31lbs in weight working with Chris. I’m most grateful for how he has taught me to eat sensibly in a way that fits around the diet of my 2 kids. He has completely changed my body shape and attitude to food and exercise. – JULIE ANNE, 45

Working with Chris was absolutely fantastic! I found his approach to food and exercise easy to follow, realistic & no silly diets. I had never worked with a PT before, so it was great to learn the techniques correctly & with someone who was able to push me further than I would have on my own. I would recommend Chris to anyone! – ANNA, 31

Chris will tailor sessions to achieve whatever it is you hope to gain from training and provide diet and nutritional advice. He is always encouraging you to push just that one more rep! I am delighted with the changes I have managed to achieve with his help and encouragement. I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have.MAGGIE, 52

I lost 9 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips working with Chris in the run up to my wedding. Before that I wasn’t fit or disciplined in my eating, but with his help I made amazing progress. Sessions were enjoyable and really beneficial. – LISA, 34

I would recommend training with Chris to anybody who like me has been a couch potato for a while and needs motivating to get fit, slim and strong! – LYNNE, 47

Love it!!! Fits in perfectly with a busy lifestyle. – CLAIRE, 39

Fancy that FREE trial session now?

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