Women's Strength Club is a weekly small group personal training class involving only 2-4 women each week (you just join up by yourself though, no need to find others first!).  

The class is part strength training lesson, part workout, and lasts 45 minutes.

Each week you will get a full body strength workout to help you gradually transform your body shape, and get fitter and stronger, and 'toned'.

Then we also take time each week to learn a specific strength exercise which you have possibly lacked the confidence and ability to try in the past (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc).

These lifts are not just for gym meat-heads, they are an excellent way for women to hit multiple parts of the body, a really effective way to improve your body shape and strength levels in less time!

At each class we will also discuss lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to start losing weight sustainably, without any crash diets.

Women's Strength Club runs in 4-week cycles, and costs £49 for the 4 weekly sessions.

Just text on 07956 917 524 if you'd like to sign up and I can let you know if there are any open spaces, and sessions times etc.

Maybe 1-on-1 sessions would suit you better? If so, click here to find out more

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