home personal training belfast

Home Personal Training in Greater Belfast

home personal training belfast

Home personal training sessions in Belfast are ideal for busy women trying to get in shape, who prefer to train in the comfort of their own home rather than travel to the studio. I operate within a 10 mile radius of Belfast.

Home training sessions last 45-50 minutes in total and include both a Training and Diet/Lifestyle component:

Home Personal Training

The sessions start with 30-35 minutes of training, anywhere in your home where you have a bit of space. We use my equipment or your own.

Whether your main goal is fat loss, body shape improvement or strength & fitness, the training will help you achieve it, no matter how out of shape you currently feel!

Sessions focus on strength and resistance training, nothing weird or involving explosive jumping-around movements, don’t worry!

Home Diet/Lifestyle Coaching

Our sessions then include 10-15 minutes diet & lifestyle consultation, just a chat to help coach you in sticking with our agreed diet and lifestyle changes, and keep you on-track and motivated.

This component is often overlooked, but the exercise part of the home personal training sessions can only achieve so much if you are failing to set up the rest of your busy life to help get yourself fitter and healthier.

Any problems you are having in eating right and looking after yourself better, we can fix them together!

Home Personal Training Prices

Home Personal Training sessions (including initial customised Nutrition Plan) cost £250 for 5 sessions.

Sessions can be used as frequently as you like, x2/week, weekly, or monthly depending on how intensively you need to work with me.

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Wondering if training with me in my studio, or working with me online might be better?

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