Home Workouts

There are:

  • 6 no-equipment/bodyweight workouts, and
  • 6 workouts using weights – dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, a heavy bag of shopping (!) whatever you can find that’s moderately heavy.

I’ve named each workout after 80s bands/artists to differentiate them – don’t worry that’s the only 80s-themed part of the workouts, I’m not wearing leg warmers in them.

Once you’re familiar with all the workouts and exercises then you can print out this sheet to use rather than having to use the videos any more.

So… here are the workouts…

Bodyweight Workouts

The Bon Jovi

The Whitesnake

The Van Halen

The Eurythmics

The Bangles

The Starship

Weights Workouts

The Depeche Mode

The Bananarama

The Spandau Ballet

The Billy Idol

The Simple Minds

The Huey Lewis