Hybrid Personal Training in Belfast

Hybrid Personal Training explained

Whisper it, but many people don’t actually need to train with a personal trainer multiple times per week. It ends up being an expensive way to have someone ‘make’ you exercise, when you feel you won’t/can’t do it by yourself.

In reality, what you are possibly lacking is a clear road map of:

  • How to exercise for your goals – frequency, exercises, weights to use, length of time to train etc. to get fitter and stronger.
  • How to structure your diet to lose weight and improve your body shape, without having to learn a bajillion new recipes and eat weird stuff.
  • How to tweak your lifestyle (sleep, stress management, getting organised) to make sure you can stick with a program for long enough to make progress.
This is where my Hybrid Personal Training comes in…

It is ‘Hybrid’ because it is part In-Person Personal Training with me, and part Online Training.

To start things off we have a 1 Hour in-person session in my studio in East Belfast to go through all the exercises and workout specifics you will need for the upcoming month (you will be either training at home with or without weights or in a gym).

During this session we also clarify how to structure your diet to achieve your goals.

After the session you will have a clear, customised training and diet plan for the upcoming month, and 24/7 access to me to discuss any problems or questions you have as you navigate things!

In this way you have the confidence that the Training and Diet program you are following will ‘work’ as it is completely tailored to your goals and abilities – AND you still have me in your corner at all times checking in on you to keep you motivated and on track.

1 Month Hybrid Personal Training


Includes 1 Hour Studio Session to learn Diet & Exercise specifics, Customised Diet & Training Plans, and Ongoing Support throughout the month by text.

Next Steps

To discuss whether my Hybrid Personal Training program is what you need, just fill in the short form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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