The Ninja Club is basically for those who need to be sneaky about getting in shape!

Eating healthier and fitting in enough training to lose weight, and improve your fitness and body shape can be difficult when you're so tired and busy keeping your work/home/family plates spinning!

So Ninja Club gives you the initial training & nutrition knowledge, and the structure and accountability you need to get started in your own time, rather than having to sign up for multiple weekly personal training sessions. 

When you sign up for Ninja Club membership you get:

  • Starter Training Session with me to learn exercises & techniques
  • Body fat analysis and measurements to help us track progress
  • Tailored Nutrition Guidelines (it's not a diet!) to help you easily lose weight
  • Up to 3 personalised short training plans for home or gym training
  • Nutrition logging tool so I can see your daily food and calorie intake
  • Ongoing support and communication via text/email to keep you on track

The idea is to give YOU ownership of getting in shape, with my ongoing support.

Every 4 weeks we would then schedule a Check-In Training & Progress session at the studio to learn more exercises, check your progress, and work through any issues you are having with staying on track.

Ninja Club Prices

Initial Membership (incl Starter Training session, all plans, etc):


Monthly Check-In Training & Progress Session

£25, or £100 for 5

If Ninja Club sounds like the right blend of guidance and motivation you need to start getting in shape just click here to send me a text about your interest and we can take things from there!