Hi! Miss me? Several clients have been in touch over the last few weeks asking when I am reopening (Lockdown Diet hasn’t been kind to some of you, I know…), and until today I didn’t know. However with today’s news that all non-essential ‘shops’ can open from 12/6 however, I am planning to reopen for training sessions on Monday 15th.

But Chris, you’re umm.. not a shop,” I hear you say – indeed, but the problem is the Executive classes a fitness studio (not allowed to open yet) as a larger multi-person place and that’s not me either.

Larger fitness studios and gyms are still unable to reopen as distancing and cleaning will be too difficult.

However given that I train only 1-2 clients at a time, I’m confident that I can create a safe training environment for all clients.

I must stress that if you don’t feel comfortable starting back training yet that is absolutely fine, and you can simply let me know when you are ready.

Infection Risk Management Plan

Anyway, here’s an overview of the steps I am taking to manage any infection risk:

  • We will stay 2m apart as much as feasibly possible – for example I will open door and you can follow me upstairs, you will pick weights off the floor yourself (I’m not just being a lazy git honest!), etc.
  • Hand sanitiser is at the top of the stairs and will be used by you and me before and after each session. Kitchen also available with anti bac soap if you prefer.
  • I will have longer gaps between sessions to allow me to fully wipe down all equipment with anti bac cleaner and mop the floor before your session.
  • You will bring your own water with you, I will not be providing cups.
  • No boxing for cardio I’m afraid as gloves can’t be adequately cleaned between sessions. I have ordered a fancy new cardio toy though…
  • I will keep more detailed records of clients trained each week so that, should any client come down with the virus, I can contact all other potentially affected clients.

If there are any other steps you’d like me to take before you feel comfortable returning to training just let me know, and I will see if I can accommodate them. I don’t intend wearing a face mask given the amount of talking I need to do.

If you can let me know by text/email whether you would like to start back with sessions from next week, and if so whether your availability has changed then we can take things from there!