About Me

The infamous About Me page – I think I’m supposed to show you pictures of my abs and tell you my life story, and toot my own horn a lot!

The thing is, none of that should matter to you – what’s important for you to know About Me is how I can help you get in shape without having to turn your life upside down.

I’m 45 with 3 kids, so I recognise that there is more to life than fitness training. You have better things to do than:

  • prepare weird ‘diet food’
  • devote your scarce spare time to exercise
  • live the ‘Fitness Lifestyle’

I specialise in helping busy women and men over-30 (often with a busy family life and career to juggle) to squeeze exercise and eating better into their crazy lives, to get in shape in a realistic, sustainable way.

I like the odd Guinness and bag of crisps myself, and will show you how you can make great progress without ditching your own favourite junk!

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer in Belfast for 14 years now, helping people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels change their lifestyle in simple ways to get themselves in amazing shape and stay that way (because we didn’t have to do anything weird and unsustainable to get there!).

I will show you how to train in short workouts a few times a week (both with me and by yourself), eating normal food, and get great results, without having to start devoting much of your precious spare time to training.

If my approach sounds like exactly what you need, just get in touch! You can organise your free trial session at my studio by filling in the form below: