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What's a 'DadBod'?

A DadBod is what men get when we neglect our health and fitness for too long, because life – home, family, career – has taken priority for a few years. 

Listen, it happens to the best of us (!), don’t beat yourself up about it. 

BUT the effects are disheartening and will get worse the longer you wait to fix things:

Fat gain across belly and chest, makes you feel self conscious and out of shape;

Loss of muscle, strength and masculine body shape – skinny arms and legs, no width in shoulders;

A lack of fitness and stamina causing life to feel harder than it should be.

Low testosterone, higher stress, interrupted sleep mean low mood, lack of energy/drive, feeling like you’re stuck in a rut.

And what does the 'DadBod Rebooted' mens coaching program do?

Working together to fit in all the healthy habits, training and dietary/lifestyle changes you KNOW you need to but have struggled to do by yourself, we will:

Rebuild Your Body, gaining muscle and strength in your arms, legs and torso with less than 2 hours training per week.

Strip Away Excess Body Fat from your belly and chest  by following a diet that works around your (and your family’s) lives.

Gain Fitness and Stamina, so you ‘feel’ fit, able to tackle whatever life is throwing at you on a daily basis.

Boost Testosterone, decrease Stress and improve your Sleep so your body starts working the way it’s supposed to again!

Now you're thinking "That sounds great... but how does it all work?"

After your FREE trial session & consultation if you decide to sign up for the DadBod Rebooted coaching program for 1 Month, you will get:

  • 10 x 30-mins muscle & stamina building Personal Training Sessions at my studio
  • Effective (but realistic) Nutrition Plan & Meal Ideas to help you lose the belly
  • Lifestyle Plan – Sleep & Stress Management, Hormone Balance to regain energy, drive and lift mood
  • Home Training Plan to supplement our studio-based sessions
  • Home Workout Video Vault Access
  • Weekly Progress Tracking
    • Weight
    • Measurements
    • Diet & Exercise Adherence
  • Text Check-Ins between sessions for accountability, ongoing motivation and questions
Feel like this could be exactly what you need?
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