Online Personal Training

What is Online Personal Training? Does it involve me barking orders at you to exercise via Skype?!

No… let me explain how it works:

  • We have an initial 30-Minute Coaching Call about your goals and struggles, and then I can explain the best way forward for you;
  • I provide you with a Home Training Program aligned with your goals and what you are able (and willing!) to do each week;
  • I provide tailored Dietary Guidelines, based on normal foods and eating habits, to help you lose weight easily (if that’s a goal);
  • We have regular Accountability Check Ins (by text) to keep you on track and motivated, a chance for us to address issues as they come up each day.

Who is Online Personal Training for?

If you are unhappy with your body shape, fitness and health and need help to find a sustainable way to improve all 3, then Online Personal Training with me is perfect.

If you need the initial Diet & Training set up and ongoing support more than the actual in-person training sessions (or you would like to work with me but don’t live locally) then Online Personal Training is for you.

If you have home training equipment you’re keen to use, or have a gym membership already, and are happy to train by yourself, with my regular guidance and support, then my Online Personal Training program is ideal.

1 Month Online Personal Training


Includes Initial Coaching Call, Diet & Training Programs and Regular Progress Check-Ins

Fill in the form below to register your interest in Online Personal Training and we can take it from there!

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