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Let's Look At Why A Woman Like You May Need Personal Training Sessions in Belfast With Me...

Eager to feel fitter and stronger (with the body shape to match!) and stop feeling knackered all the time?

Fed up with certain parts of your body not looking the way you want them to?

Clothes getting a bit tighter, or having to be ‘creative’ with how you dress to hide certain areas you’re embarrassed by? 

Annoyed on holidays at how you look and feel on the beach?

At your wits end about what you can do about all this when you’ve a family/job demanding all your time and energy?

Any Of That Sound Familiar?

The good news is, we can fix all that together

Like I’ve done with hundreds of women just like you

In fact, here’s a couple of quotes from previous clients (you can read lots more here):

“I have lost 31lbs in weight working with Chris. I’m most grateful for how he has taught me to eat sensibly in a way that fits around the diet of my 2 kids. He has completely changed my body shape and attitude to food and exercise”.
Julie-Anne, 49

“Working with Chris was absolutely fantastic! I found his approach to food and exercise easy to follow, realistic & no silly diets. I had never worked with a PT before, so it was great to learn the techniques correctly & with someone who was able to push me further than I would have on my own”.

Anna, 36

I Know What You're Wondering Now...
How Does It All Work, How Much Does It Cost, How Often Do I Need To Train, What About Diet, What About...?

All excellent questions. I’ll cover the basics in a second, but the best way to find out if personal training sessions at my East Belfast studio are for you is to arrange your FREE no-strings trial session & consultation via the form below.

But to quickly fire through those questions…

Clients train 1-2 times per week depending on goals and current activity levels

Sessions are purchased in ‘Blocks’ of 10, 20 or 30 sessions. 10 Sessions costs £290.

I provide diet/nutrition guidelines to help you eat more healthily and lose weight (if needed) around your current eating habits and food preferenes – NO WEIRD DIETS!

Sessions are based on resistance/strength training (nothing too hardcore don’t worry…) to improve your body shape, targeted core work, and short bursts of cardiovascular training, to burn calories and build ‘running for a bus fitness’ 😉

Ready to Come In For A Free Trial Session & Chat? Fill In The Form Below: