Simple Training for busy people

How much are you supposed to train to get in shape? Is there a magic amount of workout time that will quickly give us the toned arms, slim thighs and flat bellies we crave? Is it 4 times a week for an hour, 2 times a week for 2 hours, every day for half an hour? Also what exercises should ...
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Simple Diet for Busy People featuring Pat Benatar

Pat Benetar sang in 1983 that "Love Is A Battlefield". Yes it is Pat - it still to this day. But do you know what else is a battlefield Pat? Do you? Trying to stick with a regimented diet when you've a house and/or kids to take care of and a job to hold down. Sing about that Pat... Because ...
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self discipline belfast

Romeo, Juliet, Pringles & Discipline

People see 'discipline' as a bad word, like it's a party-pooper - "I was having a great time there, free to do/eat whatever I wanted but, ugh, need to get serious and disciplined now, knuckle down, stop being a wingnut". But if you think about it, being disciplined, having some self-control, getting the stuff done that you need to get ...
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good morning ulster personal trainer

My piece on Good Morning Ulster

I took BBC journalist Richard Morgan through a training session on Monday 2nd January, as part of Good Morning Ulster's show on sticking with New Year's resolutions. You can listen to the 4 minute piece here: ...
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How to lose weight like a Sneaky Ninja

There's a good reason why most people try and fail multiple times to lose weight and get in shape. It's because deep down we like things the way they are. I don't mean you secretly like your muffin top or beer belly. I mean we like the foods we eat in the quantities we eat them and like to eat ...
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The Key to Fat Loss: Don’t Take the Piss

We know so much more these days about diet and nutrition than we did 20 years ago, thanks to hundreds of books, magazine articles, fat loss TV shows, blogs etc on the subject. And yet the average person is fatter compared to 20 years ago. How can that be? How can we know and understand more about losing weight, and ...
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Vacuuming and Fitness

My floors at home get dusty and dirty quickly with 3 kids running about, dropping bloody cheerios and crumbs everywhere. If we don't vacuum for a while the place is stinking. So I vacuum. I hate vacuuming but the alternative is dirty floors and dusty rooms so it gets done. Nobody in their right mind enjoys vacuuming, yet everyone does ...
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[Vid] Short workouts using your kids

Short workouts really are the key when you're trying to build fitness and strength and get in shape, but also have a million and one other things going on. And since for parents it's partly their kids' fault that they've had no time to look after themselves better, I thought Why not use these pesky kids to help me train? ...
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fat and debt

Fat and Debt – Same Problem, Same Solution

I train clients who have all sorts of jobs - doctors, hairdressers, solicitors, marketing buffs, business owners, civil servants - all sorts of people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, and it's great. I love chatting (during rest periods obviously, not mid-squat...) about what they do. I'm training a financial advisor at the minute, and during a conversation it occurred ...
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