personal trainer belfast

If you're looking for a Personal Trainer in Belfast then I think I know why...

You’re fed up aren’t you?

Your Body Shape, Fitness and maybe Weight aren’t where you want them to be. 

Possibly even despite your best efforts.

You’ve struggled to build the healthy habits you know you need, to make the changes you want. 

Habits like:

It’s often not a lack of desire on your part to get in shape…

…it’s simply a lack of time, knowledge, support and motivation that’s often the main stumbling block.

What's The Solution?

Spoiler Alert – it’s me – I’m the solution 🙂

I’m Chris Davidson, and I offer Women’s Personal Training Sessions and Men 40+ Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching Programs at my FitSlimStrong Personal Trainer studio in East Belfast.

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"I have lost 31lbs in weight working with Chris. I’m most grateful for how he has taught me to eat sensibly in a way that fits around the diet of my 2 kids. He has completely changed my body shape and attitude to food and exercise".
Julie-Anne, 48
"Working with Chris was absolutely fantastic! I found his approach to food and exercise easy to follow, realistic & no silly diets.
I had never worked with a personal trainer before, so it was great to learn the techniques correctly & with someone who was able to push me further than I would have on my own. I would recommend Chris to anyone!"
Anne, 34