Personal Trainer in Belfast for Busy Over-30s!

Short, Targeted 30-mins Sessions

Simple Nutrition Approach

Amazing, Sustainable Results

The Problem

You are busy, out of shape, over 30 and know you have to do something.

But do you struggle to fit in the exercise and healthy changes you need?

Often a lack of time, knowledge and motivation is the main stumbling block.

The Solution

I’m Chris Davidson, owner of FitSlimStrong Personal Training studio in East Belfast.

I offer In-Person and Online personal training programs (all clients start on a 5-Week Program, see Prices below) to help you achieve your fitness, health and body shape goals.

I’m a busy Dad of 3, so I know what it’s like trying to stay in shape, eat right and stay healthy when you’ve 101 other things to do!

So I will help you squeeze in the training you need, and help you make the sustainable lifestyle changes required (diet, sleep, getting organised) to get you fitter, slimmer and stronger, and stay that way.

Nothing weird. Nothing unsustainable. No fad diets.

So, click on the Personal Training approach that suits YOU best below…

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In-Person Personal Training sessions take place at my East Belfast studio.
Watch the short video below for more details:
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5 Week Program In-Person PT
(1 Session per week for 5 Weeks + Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan)


5 Week Program In-Person PT
(2 Sessions per week for 5 Weeks + Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan)


What outcomes can you expect from working with me at my studio?

Lose weight from all your ‘problem areas’, learning how to keep it off while eating like a normal human being;

Gain strength, fitness and stamina, while improving your body shape;

Look and feel healthier and happier and more confident through the simple lifestyle changes we’ll put in place;

Understand how to still include ‘unhealthy’ things like junk food & booze in your diet and still make great progress!

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I have lost 31lbs in weight working with Chris. I’m most grateful for how he has taught me to eat sensibly in a way that fits around the diet of my 2 kids. He has completely changed my body shape and attitude to food and exercise. – JULIE ANNE, 45

Working with Chris was absolutely fantastic! I found his approach to food and exercise easy to follow, realistic & no silly diets. I had never worked with a personal trainer before, so it was great to learn the techniques correctly & with someone who was able to push me further than I would have on my own. I would recommend Chris to anyone! – ANNA, 31

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